Google Fred Update: How the Bed-rocked the world of SEO

Meet Fred – the latest Google update sleep-rocking  SEO world. Since its release, tons of websites have kissed goodbye to their organic rankings overnight, so it’s important you know what Fred and how to use it to benefit your Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle. Here’s a brief overview of Fred and what your website needs to do to maintain their ratings.

What is Fred?

Fred is the newest item in the portfolio of Google update. Released on March 8, Fred has turned search engine optimization on its head in an attempt to rid the web of low value, generic content.

Poor content will be punished

Many websites with bad content has seen a decline 50-90% in organic search rankings since the update. poor content comes in the form of ad-heavy sites send materials comprehensive generic and not relevant to the user

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Follow Google guidelines

The best way to prevent a reduction in organic rankings is to stick to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Follow this guide for web design and development platform to give your website a good, quality content that can be found, more easily indexed and ranked by Google. If you are not sure how Fred might impact your SEO rankings, get in touch with the team at the SEO agency .

Prioritize users

Design your site with users in mind, in terms of both aesthetics and content. Make sure your ad ratio, if you have, is user-friendly. As a general guide users should only be able to see 1-2 ads when they view a web page.

Rejecting stuffing

It can be tempting to stuff the content with keywords as possible. However, with Fred made it clearer than ever that this is an invaluable content, try to incorporate the keywords naturally in all content.

There is no doubt that Fred had been sleep-rocked the world of Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle. As a digital  agency in , we’re experts in making sure you keep the famous website rank!