Get ready for the update page Google Experience

The king of search results, Google has announced an update Maps experience which will be launched in 2021. Being a major platform for all searches, Google constantly evolving and updating algorithms to better fit users. And the latest updates plan to do just that.

What it means is that if your webpage does not meet the criteria for a new Google page the user a good experience, your ranking will suffer. To make sure you will still be accessible in Google, be sure to optimize your website as per the latest update or seek the help Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham of an SEO agency for the same thing.

What page experience?

According to Google, the experience of the page is a set of signals that measure how users experience interacting with web pages beyond pure information value. Simply put, it will evaluate the user experience on the site than content offered.

Evaluation is determined based on the ‘core of vital Web’ – a set of metrics that measure the user experience for real world load performance, interactivity and visual stability page. In addition, factors such as optimization for mobile, website security, HTTPS, and interstitial guidelines intrusive. If this confuses you, do not worry. Partnering with the best SEO services to make sure you’re ready when the update is applied.

What this means update

While the update page experience will be part of the Google rankings for search results, it will not be the only criterion. Google still will prioritize the more valuable content page experience. However, when it comes to choosing between sites with similar content, page experience will play a deciding factor in which the site will rank and who is not.

Google has offered the following signals that need to be implemented to provide a good page experience.

Contentful Largest Cat (LCP): The act of loading performance. To provide a good user experience, the site should strive to have the LCP occurs within the first 2.5 seconds of the page starts to load.

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Image Credit: Google Image

The first input Delay (FID): The act of interactivity. To provide a good user experience, the site should strive to have a FID less than 100 milliseconds.

Layout cumulative shift (CLS): The act of visual stability. To provide a good user experience, the site should strive to have a score of less than 0.1 CLS.

The company also has shared certain tools that can help you measure and monitor the vital core site listed above.


Google has created a mobile-friendliness an important criterion. While most organizations have optimized their content for mobile phones, many of which are still far behind. If you are a new company the possibility you might just need some reorganization to optimize your site. However, if you are using outdated platform, you may need to rebuild your website. To ensure your business is channeled in the right direction, it is best to partner with leading companies SEO.

Safe search

Safety will be a greater priority in an update to Google weeding out pages that may contain hazardous (eg, malware) or cheat (eg, social engineering) content. It can also be extended to sites that use clickbait strategy to get traffic. Googles updates possibility to track them down more quickly and even punish them.


HTTPS is a secure way of stating these pages and often show the lock symbol next to the address of the website. A secure connection is the most fundamental factor and it is important that all web sites should provide customers. This basically ensures that Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham all transactions and communications are encrypted and can not be hacked by a third party. After the update, sites that are not secure may lose heavily in this search giant.

No interstitials disturb

Nothing is more annoying for the user tries to read the content on the website only to find it blocked by pop-ups and annoying ads. Experience Google page updates will factor how easily users can access the content.