COVID 19: Growing Your PPC Account After Lockdown

Lockdown was difficult for many companies, but it became a very different story for some – we believe it is a great boost for this Laithwaite Wines when they rose 117% of new customers in March and April.

In the first of a two part mini series, we will discuss how businesses can thrive through Google Ads their ads during the coming months.

Grow your business is exciting, rewarding and challenging in equal measure. In Climbing Tree, we have had a number of clients who not only traded through an act of government Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham restrictions have placed since March, but truly experienced their best month ever trading!

This is because they offer products that customers really needed at this time, they have the means to scale to meet increased demand, they are able to effectively communicate their offerings to hordes of new customers, and changed strategy to seize opportunities in the market changed significantly.

But how can companies effectively market themselves to build on its success as a lockdown winding down? Here are four steps to take:

Get Local With the Bids and Messaging

With eight of the ten vowed to shop more locally than now, now is the time to double down on location bid adjustments – you’ll want to reach people closeby and remind existing customers you’re still here, and alert potential customers to the presence of you locally.

You need to combine this with a new message to highlight your business as a retailer, manufacturer or local service providers – “Bristol Local Grocer” for example. And of course, let people know you are open and follow the guidelines of social distance will be important as the pandemic continues during the winter.

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Engage Re-Trustees

Marketing has always been a great way to retain customers, but with the impetus for local businesses, which is even more the case now.

Try segmenting the audience with how the day since the last visit our website or make a purchase – 0-7, 8-30, and 31-90 day segment for example – to provide clarity in your offer, bid, and messages. Carefully using ad extensions sale with a discount code can make all the difference.

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Get On Trend

Everything seems to be changing so quickly, and that this is reflected online – and not just in a blast in the face covering ‘quest. Check your search terms report and see whether the way and what the customer was looking for a change, you may find a niche to exploit loopholes in your keyword targeting. Use Google Trends to understand any local trends that are relevant for your organization.

Revise budget

Many companies enjoyed a surge in demand during the lockdown. While this has come down to a great extent, there will likely be an increase in demand in certain areas of your Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham that is part of a long-term change in buyer behavior. You have to allocate budget accordingly. Take a look at your search impression (missing) for each campaign and / or business area – you will want to close the gap as much as possible in their campaign / regions that have been able to maintain the increase in demand.