There are so many incredible examples of creative brand identity and logo designs, but why is it more important than ever in 2018?

brand identity and logo design
The brand is a comprehensive subject that should not be taken lightly. Branding helps create an emotional image perceived, shape perceptions and feelings of your audience to society.

Brand identity must remain at the heart of all Digital Marketing Company Stafford businesses, it is part of their DNA. A successful brand identity should all reflect on society; encompassing brand values, products or services, the personality, the tone of voice and more. Creating a brand identity, is the process of giving your human-business attributes that your audience can relate to. For example, Nike is seen as sporting excellence, dynamic and exciting. Offering a consistent and coherent brand identity demonstrates professionalism brands, making them recognizable assets and memorable.

A logo is a symbol, an icon or text that represents your business unique. Your logo is a component of your overall brand identity, allowing your audience to connect with the brand visually and emotionally. It is only after the logo is well known, it reached its full potential and becomes easily identifiable.

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The filing of the brand started in the early 1900s, is when corporate identities began to emerge, and graphic design allowed profit giants stand out more. In the past, the design of the logo was simply a different brand of the product, service or manufacturer. Some will say that is still true. But in 2018, the logo design requires much more. With a growing digital market of smartphones and devices, your logo is consumed across more platforms than ever. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep the design of your logo flexible, responsive and fluid.

Barnsley Football Club Marketer outlines Logo Design
Andrew Clark, head of marketing at Barnsley football club, has shared his views with Digital Ethos.

“Transferable: In the digital age, we are now in a versatile logo is more important than ever. Print, digital, based on the product, to ensure maximum exposure, it is essential that a logo can easily be replicated in many sizes and scenarios.

However, one could say that an identifiable symbol (logo side by side) took a greater role in recent years. The space of a mark must now “sell” has become crowded, with the size of user screens (mobile) ones, a generic logo would not be suitable for these parameters.

Property values ​​and brings Expresses: In most cases, outside of the product / service offered, a functional logo is the identity of a company. Some logos, colors and fonts are how consumers recognize a brand from its competitors.

A logo is one of the first thing customers notice about a brand, setting first impressions and personality. But subliminally, if one does not meet the requirements of a market or represent that mark in a positive light, it is a turn consumer instant off.

Loyalty: Studies show time and again that words have an impact far less than that of an image. A powerful logo has been used as a useful marketing tool, as in the psychology of brand loyalty, a logo can act as a “memory spark.”

Maturity: brands that manage to develop over time. As the brand grows and develops a reputation, service / product does not need “glamming up” not necessarily, reputation and quality sells. While a younger brand may be less experienced may need to attach personality to all the visual elements.

Yet, somewhat contradicting the previous statement, the marks will change / modify their assets to fit a trend or special Digital Marketing Company in Stafford character. It seems that in 2018, simple, clean and easily transferable icons are in vogue “.

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