website design can be a tricky thing to get right no matter whether it is the first time the company you engage Digital Marketing Companies Bath a designer as opposed to the time 10. The same principles still apply and are usually the same problem would arise if you do not handle things correctly from the start , Knowledge is one of the most important things that you as a client may have. It gives you the opportunity to discuss, negotiate and get more important what you want. We have come up with a list of seven sites design trends that will help you build your next website and choose the right website designer. Let’s get started.

responsive design
You may have heard this term thrown around a million times and it is a trend in website design that has been around for years. It is still important as ever, and perhaps more so now. responsive design basically means that your website’s response and adapt to the screen size to optimize the display for visitors. There are several important reasons why this should be on your list with the redesign of the web site:

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Useability should be your highest priority. The majority of people visiting your website will most likely be doing this on a mobile device. If your website was not optimized for viewing on a smaller device you will lose customers.
Your search engine rankings on mobile devices will suffer
You can avoid having a mobile site only evil
You will hear a lot of designers talking about this and Bootstrap Bootstrap it. What is it all about. In simple terms Bootstrap framework that consists only of HTML (the structure of your website), CSS (how do you look website) and Javascript (website interaction) is used as the basis to create a responsive phone first site. The benefits of using frameworks such as Bootstrap is that it is modern looking and can speed up building your website.

Content Management System
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will hear about the possibility of a content management system or CMS. Web designers will sell the benefits of using a content management system because it allows you as a website owner to rely less on a company for services and provide more control. Beware of getting locked into something that is not an open source platform as you will struggle to take with your website elsewhere. Some common CMS including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Be sure to do the appropriate research and do some demos at the backend of each platform so that you can get an understanding of what you feel comfortable in using.

scrolling Design
With the increasing popularity of mobile devices is gaining traction rolling design with a lot of new website design. Fold content is still important in driving conversions, but the scroll length allows you to tell the story and the journey to acting while entertaining and informing them. Many businesses now prefer the flexibility of one-page website because it allows you to mimic what would you display in a multi-page sites on a single landing page. There are some disadvantages from an SEO perspective, but if you create high-quality content through your blog, you can offset these potential issues.

banner Image
It became a bit of a constant in the majority of site design today. Modern websites typically incorporate banner image or slider. The advantage of this is that it allows you to showcase your brand or business with more than just words. The idea of ​​the banner image is to make your website visitors feel something. Is it interesting photos to encourage them to an action or emotional feeling to have them look at your business in a certain way. The benefits of the hero image is that you can take advantage of a call to action techniques to redirect visitors to a specific Digital Marketing Company in Bath page on your website or complete the form.

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