Each type of business has its quirks, but the restaurant might just take the cake when it comes to Google Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham My Business (GMB). Beginning in the first click: unique features will magically appear when at least one of your category settings are set to “restaurant”.

Fortunately, local business listings bread and butter-and we know exactly how the restaurant can take full advantage of the peculiarities of this particular GMB business. Here are our top 6 tips for restaurant owners and brand marketers looking to get more out of their GMB effort.

Get granular with your category
Business at GMB can have both a primary and secondary category, and it is best to be as specific as possible. After all, the more generic, the more difficult to compete for ranking in Google.

For example, “Japanese restaurant”, “curry Japanese restaurant”, and “conveyor belt sushi” all options apply in GMB, but the first one is clearly more common (and therefore less desirable) than the other two. With specific categorization, your listing will stand a better chance of synchronization with the intention of many users and ranks higher on many questions.

And remember that the main category holds significantly more power ranking than the secondary, so make your main category that best-possible characterization of your business. It’s always a good idea to rank higher on the more specific demands than poorly ranked in general search.

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Offer visitors the experience of business
The menu is a special feature of the industry. Just think of all the millions of restaurants and cafes that post their menu on their front window. Google allows the restaurant to do the exact same thing on their GMB profile. If you currently partnering with a third party for your menu, almost every provider will offer a structured data to upload to your listing.

button to reserve a table at a local restaurant list

Google also lets you list to link the delivery or reserve a table in third party services. Booking options also recently allowed to “get in line” through DineTime button, which gives users the ability to book a table in your restaurant and accept the estimated time to wait without being there in person.

delicious photography present
Media-rich listings have a better conversion rate, thus exhibiting the most of your delicious dishes to include a photo in your GMB profile. Presentation is key-especially for bakery and confectioners-so make an investment in high quality photography rather than locked out of your smartphone.

Outside of the food itself, you also have to offer up your restaurant interior shots. Atmosphere is a big deciding factor in where people choose to eat. Prospective customers want to see your seating area, bar, and even the facade of the restaurant to get a better idea of ​​the atmosphere they can expect.

Embracing Google Q & A
food allergies and dietary restrictions have become a deal-breaker for many potential customers. Fortunately, Google Q & A provides an easy and highly visible to let people know that their dietary needs can (or can not) met. Google Q & A, users submit questions for the owner or the general public to respond-especially those associated with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Google Q & A on a list of local restaurants

You can answer this question as they pop up, or you can save time by creating your own FAQ ahead of time. Responding to your question is most often asked, but also took the opportunity to highlight the unique selling points of your establishment (think “Is your product locally sourced?” And other potential differentiators).

Make regular use Google Posts
A relatively new innovation, Google Digital Marketing Company Nottingham Posts allows business owners to use their list as a microblogging platform, with the ability to share photos, videos, links, and events.

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