Moving house

Packing and moving all your belongings, organizing things to set up your new life and saying goodbye to old friends can be difficult and stressful. The best way to ensure movers and packers in Dhanbad house goes smoothly is to make a moving house checklist and here are 6 things that should definitely be on this list.

Bank – Check whether your bank has a branch in your new location. If not, you may have to switch banks – this may, for example, be the case if your bank is regional and you are moving further afield. In this case, make sure to empty your safety deposit box, too.

Medical Needs – Ask your current doctor whether he can call prescriptions in to a pharmacist in your new city until you can find a new doctor (the right one, not just anyone who happens to be available). Hold on to your current doctor’s phone number to ensure you can call him if paperwork needs to be forwarded to your new one.

If you have a health insurance plan, make sure to check whether doctors in your new location will accept it. If your plan needs to be updated or you need to switch providers, try doing so before moving house. If you cannot find a doctor who will accept your plan, ask your insurance representative for recommendations, research companies online or call your local chamber of commerce.

Memberships – Transfer memberships or formally resign from movers and packers in Kochi any local associations, clubs, gyms or organisations. Bear in mind that cancelling memberships before their term runs out may incur early termination fees. Remember to factor these fees into your moving home costs.

It is also a good idea to ask your children’s schools for copies of all their records to take with you just for safekeeping.

Food – Avoid waste by starting to use up all your frozen food from about a month before you move. As unopened food items in the pantry can be heavy and bulky to transport, use up what you can here, too – and consider giving away/donating anything that remains unopened before the move.

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Car – The last thing you need on moving day is a breakdown, so get it checked out/tuned up before moving house. If you have a trusted garage/mechanic, ask them whether they can refer you to another one close to your new home.

If the journey to your new house is going to be long, make sure to pack a first aid kit containing bandages, tissues, bug and sunburn spray and any medications you/your family  will require during the trip.

Final Closure – Moving home can be difficult for your whole family. Give everyone a sense of closure with these tips:

Host a going away party, encouraging your kids to invite all their friends. This party is for saying goodbye to everyone, including colleagues, friends, former teachers and neighbours. Visit local spots holding fond memories. Take a video or snapshots for keepsake purposes. Take a final walk through your old house together, noting spots/events you never want to forget.

Have someone take a picture of your whole family both in front of your old house and your new house. Display these pictures side-by-side somewhere prominent in your new home.

If possible, plan to visit your former hometown within the first 12 months of moving house. Visit old friends, drive through old neighbourhoods, past your old house and favourite Dhanbad movers and packers landmarks. Reconnecting with fond memories and dear friends like this will help you/your family bring closure and finality to your move even after settling into your new home.