Being the owner of a highly organized Blueocto I need to keep things rolling and balancing family life with work life – especially with a 9 month old crawling around!
Some large web sites and applications I had come to rely on over the years, has helped to keep things in place there, stay on track, manage clients and more.
So I share some of my favorites Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth with you today, in no particular order.

I’m a little Apple fan-girl so some of the most basic applications, such as Calendar and Reminders were great. I can add appointments on my phone, and I will get a reminder in my phone, tablet or desktop. Very handy for Twitter hashtag hours every week.

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calendar applications mac
Reminders app is basically like a check list, where I can set up different lists for different topics and you can check them off as you go. Currently this includes a shopping list, a list of Blueocto, Blog Posting Ideas list, list of Holiday (hey you never know!) And register Backburner. If something in my head, I can note down before popping back out, and it got me on track.

mac application reminders
Gmail is always my preferred email client of choice. I set all my incoming emails with a tag, such as ‘money-related’, ‘name of the client / project’, ‘login’, ‘order’, so once I’ve dealt with or read the email, it will be filed away instead of staring at me every time I log in.
I also use an add-on called the Streak, which acts like tagging (you add email to Box) but you can add notes as well, so I can store all email project in place – keep looking for the entire Gmail! It also records every attachment that appears in the box and you can determine the status as well. This way I know if a project with a client, in the design stage or Invoice.

google streak
Saku I use on all my devices as well. If you find an article and want to read it later, simply copy the URL, open the app and Save. When Sunday morning came, I was able to catch up on articles over a nice hot drink. Additionally, you can choose to read articles in the form of a stripped down, get rid of the style of your site and ads, making it more clear to read without interruption. Again, you can use the tags so if you ever fancy a day reading about SEO, then you can easily filter articles to read or un-read. They just started recommends articles based on what you read interesting to see some of the nuggets you will not have a whole instead.

Kodery is a website where you can save a piece of code. Web development can involve a lot of repetition and to save your fingers from typing the same parts or recurring effects, it is a great place to see when you can not remember all the Javascript! Also if you have built something rather complex and want to save it for future use, you can separate out into a number of sections, for example, CSS, HTML and Javascript. All you need to do is copy and paste. It’s not as fancy as say Codepen with live preview, but I got used * old school *.

buffer screenshot
Buffer I’ve used since the beginning, the day the trains them and they came together rapidly. Buffer connects to all of your social media accounts and allows you to create a post / update their status and Share all accounts without having to log into each, or schedule them for another time. I was not always able to sit on Twitter or Facebook all day, and to be able to have updates go out at the appropriate time for me, or point them weeks in advance, is a great time saver.

FreeAgent is great online invoicing system for sole traders and small businesses. After trying a few others and even accountants real (!) I gave FreeAgent trial based on a recommendation from a colleague and never looked back. It is built by freelancers for freelancers. Everything there you could possibly need; Contacts, estimation, time tracking, invoicing, banking, Reports … you can even send your Self Assessment I have done two years running, and all the hard work that Digital Marketing Agency Bournemouth has been done for you.

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