Any student who has had to deal with word problems can tell you just how difficult they can be, especially if you’re not accustomed to writing in math-speak. For example, instead of saying 2 pounds plus 2 pounds makes 4 pounds, a math problem might say, Two objects weighing 2 pounds each were added together and weighed 4 pounds after the addition was finished. How much did each object weigh? Do you see how complicated this sentence is when trying to solve it in your head? Well, this site solves that problem once and for all. Check out this free online resource today!


Are you struggling to solve a word problem? Wish you could get some help? Well, now you can. Thanks to the internet, there are several great resources for solving word problems online for free. Not only that, but these programs have tools that allow students to show their work in an organized way. The following is a list of helpful websites that can provide assistance with solving those pesky word problems. -The first site on the list offers step by step instructions on how to solve different types of problems. The website also has information on how to convert fractions and percentages, as well as how to solve interest rates and discounts. -Another site offers many different interactive activities that help users understand math concepts and develop skills through fun practice sessions. There are games such as Target and Hangman where players answer questions about math topics like place value or probability. Games like these can be used for review before exams or just as an entertaining break from regular math assignments.

What are word problems?

A word problem is a math problem that contains information about a real-world situation. Word problems can be solved by using math skills, but they are often more complicated than traditional problems because they involve solving for unknown variables. When solving a word problem, it is important to read the entire problem and understand what the question is asking before you start working on it. You may need to make several computations to solve a word problem, so it is often helpful to break them down into smaller parts. In addition, you may need to convert measurements from one type of unit to another or simplify fractions before solving the final calculation.

Solving word problems

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The free online resource

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