Valance curtains taped to the top of a window. Valances can be combined with other window treatments such as curtains, cellular shades, or drapes. The combination of window treatments can also increase the thermal insulation effect. Valances are good for insulating because they fit snugly around the top of the window frame, limiting air leaks. Valances are also popular decorating tools because they can easily add color and draw attention to windows and any other window coverings you may have. The striking material also hides the curtain rod.

Before purchasing an entirely new set of cellular shades and valances, look at a local hardware store. Online blind companies are also a good place to research prices and options. Valances don’t have to be expensive to look good, because a valance is just a fabric swipe after all. The cost can go up if you are fixing the window shades on all the windows in the house. A ready-made valance can only cost $ 40 per window, while custom cut valances will cost a multiple of this price.

There are three types of borders that you will want to choose from and they are ascot, balloon, and swag borders. Ascot valances are a triangle of folded fabric that hangs over the bar and over the window. Ascot valances add a traditional look with contemporary interior design. The 3 pleats can be made in different colors for a colorful interior tone ESWDA.

Balloon valances look puffy like ruffles. They are made of lightweight fabrics that provide a romantic and elegant appeal. Loot valances run both above the bar and above the top of the window. They can be formal if neatly folded and look natural and informal if left hanging.

After examining the types of borders, it is important to consider what type of fabric to make your borders. Custom window valances keep you warm, but they are primarily for decoration, so it is important that they match your interior décor. Multicolored fabric can accentuate your furniture and draw attention to the room. The weight of the fabric should be less than the weight of the curtains so that they do not interfere with each other.

After deciding on your valance material and design, you will need to measure your windows to get the correct size. Measure the length of the curtain rod with a metal tape measure. If you don’t have a curtain rod, tell the manufacturer the length of the window frames. Then add about six inches to the width of the rod boss. A custom valance can be made to order, while in-stock valances can be picked up at the average big box store. These ready-to-use window valances are easy to install right out of the box. For a complex size window frame, you will need a custom size frame. If they don’t fit your windows perfectly, they can still be rolled or cut to size.

If you want to save a little cash, window shades in stock can be shipped from online warehouses. Standard window sizes can be matched with a variety of sizes and fabrics. Ready-made window coverings can be installed without major adjustments, and because they are not custom made, returns are readily accepted by most venues.