Who need Respite care and what are the types of Respite care?

Are you a carer in your home? Have you ever thought about what will happen if you have to go out of town? It is a very difficult situation when you have to go out and don’t have someone to take care of your loved ones. Being a carer brings lots of challenges, sacrifices, and burdens. To come out of these challenges, it is a better option to hire respite care for your loved one. They will provide you with a break and complete care for your loved one.

Who needs respite care?

Respite care is especially given to people who are adults or sick and are unable to do their own work. It helps to provide a short break for the carer to spend some quality time or go on vacation. It is specially provided to people who require daily, 24*7 commitments from carers and cannot be left alone even for some time. Respite care is needed to cope with severe problems like:

  • For cancer patients
  • For brain injury patients
  • For blind people
  • For the elderly with brain stroke

Types of respite care

To fit different needs and situations, there are several kinds of respite care you can choose from:

Residential care: It is a short-term residential care service that allows a patient to stay at home, and one of the professionals provides care at their home for a period of time.

Community care: This is also a short-term care service that is provided outside your home. There are various places included in community respite care, like:

Centre-based respite

Cottage respite

Old age homes

NDIS respite care is a service that provides short-term and mid-term help for NDIS participants while their carers are on break. It is an Australian government scheme to provide care for people who are in need.

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