What Is Luke Hemmings Favorite Color? Whether you’re a fan of Luke Hemmings or not, you might be wondering what color he’s most fond of. For some reason, it’s one of the first things people ask him. The answer is pretty simple: purple.

Favorite food

Besides being the lead singer of the successful Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings also has a passion for food. In fact, he has a food blog. You can check it out by clicking here.

According to Luke, the best food in the world is pepperoni. He also loves chocolate from fans. Moreover, he has a pet dog named Molly. He’s also a big fan of ice cream. His favorite ice cream flavors include cookies and cream, chocolate, and strawberry.

He also likes hot chips and pizza. In fact, he’s got a special fondness for Nando’s. He’s been known to ask for a whole order of Nando’s for dinner. He also enjoys watching Monsters Inc. He also has a cousin named Zoe.

Another fun fact about Luke is that he’s the tallest member of 5 Seconds of Summer. In fact, he is the one who took home the prize in the 5SOS ice cream eating contest. He won the contest with 17 bowls of ice cream.

Favorite movie

Despite being the lead vocalist and guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Hemmings is not as showy as his bandmates. His height of 6’4″ means that he’s the tallest member in the band. He’s also the most outgoing of the bunch. He’s a self-confessed geek, and likes to get his hands dirty with projects like tinkering with his own guitar.

It’s no secret that Luke and his bandmates love a good ol’ fashioned jam session. They even have a pet dog named Molly. The band has a slew of twit cams, and like to have some quality time with their fans. Luke Hemmings has a penchant for taking the longest showers in the band. He also has a love-hate relationship with his Nokia. When he was touring in Melbourne, the phone sadly made the journey with him.

Luke and Calum have also bonded over their love of hot chips and Nando’s sauce. He’s also a keen AFL fan. As a child, Luke used to ride a skateboard.

Favorite ice cream flavor

Currently, Luke is dating Sierra Deaton. They met in July 2018. They are engaged. They have a dog called Molly. He is a fitness freak. He trains under Mack Fit. He wants to have kids when he is older. He prefers to use Twitter over Facebook. He loves pizza. He is a great fan of All Time Low. He says the chocolate from fans tastes better than the stuff he buys himself. He loves the ‘Don’t Panic’ album by All Time Low. He is also a fan of the movie ‘Anchor Man’.

Luke Hemmings is a member of 5SOS. He is also a model. He has a YouTube channel, which he started on February 3, 2011. He uploaded his first video on that date.

Luke Hemmings’ full name is Luke Robert Hemmings. He is the tallest member of the band. He is also the singer. He has a YouTube channel and follows the Sydney Swans in the AFL. His favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother. He also enjoys Monsters Inc.

Favorite animal

Among the many things that Luke Hemmings has a favorite about is his pet dog, Molly. The animal is a Bulldog-Terrier mix and is 9 years old.

Luke Hemmings is one of the youngest members of 5 Seconds of Summer. He is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is also part of an award winning pop rock band. He is also a model and has appeared in a number of video editorials. He has also appeared in a Glass Man magazine cover.

Luke Hemmings was born in Freeman Reach, New South Wales on July 16, 1996. He has a beautiful singing voice and is also very good with guitars. He has been with 5 Seconds of Summer since December 2011. He has played several instruments. He also has a YouTube channel.

Hemmings is from a tight-knit family. His mother is a high school math teacher and his father worked as a maintenance worker. He has two brothers. He has also been in a relationship with Aleisha McDonald for a year. He is currently dating Sierra Deaton.