What does it mean to be a good business leader?

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit,” said Arnold H. Glasow, a famous Businessman from USA, who lived between 1905 and 1998. Arnold Henry Glasow graduated from Ripon College, and started his own business when he moved to Freeport just after the depression.

Being a decent business leader is something beyond having solid administration abilities or having the option to go with sound financial choices. It requires a mix of qualities, values, and activities that rouse and inspire representatives, construct entrust with customers and stakeholders, and make a positive effect on society.


Integrity implies telling the truth, being moral, and being straightforward in all business dealings. This incorporates pursuing choices that are to the greatest advantage of the organization and its stakeholders, regardless of whether those decisions are troublesome or disliked. Leaders who act with integrity gain the trust and appreciation of their workers, customers, and financial backers.


Empathy implies having the option to comprehend and associate with the feelings and encounters of others. A decent leader pays attention to the worries and input of workers, customers, and stakeholders and utilizations that data to settle on informed choices. Leaders who show empathy are better ready for areas of strength to fabricate with workers, customers, and different stakeholders, prompting expanded devotion and commitment.


Powerful correspondence is additionally fundamental for good business leadership. Leaders should have the option to obviously and influentially convey their vision, objectives, and assumptions to representatives and different stakeholders. They should likewise have the option to listen effectively and answer criticism, questions, and worries in an opportune and conscious way.

Adaptable and tolerating changes:

A decent business leader likewise should be adaptable and ready to embrace change. The business climate is continually advancing, and leaders who can expect an answer to changes in the commercial center are bound to succeed. This requires a readiness to face challenges, explore different avenues regarding new methodologies, and gain from botches.

Cultivate organization culture:

At long last, a decent business leader is somebody who values and cultivates a positive organizational culture. This incorporates establishing a strong and comprehensive workplace where representatives feel esteemed, regarded, and locked in. Leaders who focus on worker prosperity and put resources into professional improvement programs are bound to hold the top ability and fabricate serious areas of strength for a group.

One of the most mind-blowing instances of an effective business leader is David Barrick who has broad involvement with public and private-confronting administration, joined his scholarly foundation and various confirmations, making him an uncommon illustration of a decent business leader. His capacity to pursue informed choices, really oversee financial plans, serious areas of strength for fabricating with stakeholders, and lead through testing times altogether affects the associations he has worked with. David Barrick’s leadership during the Coronavirus pandemic as the CAO of the City of Brampton further features his extraordinary leadership abilities.