Lip and tongue ties are situations that restrict your baby’s tongue from functioning correctly. A lip tie is a condition in which the upper lip is attached to the movement and causes problems in lips moving and breathing for the babies. However, tongue-tie is a by a birth issue that restricts the tongue’s range of motion. A piece of tissue beyond the upper lip is called the frenulum. If the membranes are too stiff, they will allow the upper lip to move without restriction, known as a lip tie. There is not much research down on lip tie as compared to tongue-tie. However, both of them create problems for the infants while breastfeeding. Experts have indicated that lip and tongue ties also cause issues in weight gaining. If the baby is gaining weight regularly, then a lip tie would not be a problem.

Lip and tongue ties


Breastfeeding is a clear indicator of lip tie; below are other symptoms, which demonstrates that your children might have the problem of lip-tie.

● Struggle while latching on the breast

● The problem in breathing while breastfeeding

● Creating a clicking sound 

● Sleeping while nursing

● Slow weight gain 

Moreover, a mother will also feel pain and fatigue in the breast while feeding the baby.

Complications of Lip-tie:

Several experts have indicated that babies having tongue-tie will face problems while gaining weight, and you have to feed them milk through other ways like bottles, etc. According to the American speech-language-hearing association, infants having a tongue tie or lip tie might face issues during spoon-feeding. 

Although lip-tie and tongue-tie are not complicated, if the problem is not solved on time, it might cause tooth decay, as per the expert pediatrician.


The problems can be treated through lip laser treatment, which is effective and recommended by several experts. However, the expert first examines the kid thoroughly. The examination involves using a screening screw by which medical officers evaluate the condition and recommend lip or tongue tie laser surgeryMany doctors have mixed statements about the treatment of tongue-tie or lip-tie problems as some experts suggest that surgery should be done before the infant leaves the hospital premises. The other group believes that treatment should be done after a while so that the infant could have some time. 

Below Is the process of tongue-tie laser surgery:

If doctors have decided to treat the infant before leaving the hospital, the treatment will be started after a complete examination. The process is painless and straightforward. For example, the expert might use a laser to cut the nerve endings, which would be done with ease. However, if the baby boy is six months old, anesthesia will be used during the process.

The expert will use a laser to cut through connective tissue between the tips of the babies’ tongue and under the mouth. It will free your kid’s tongue from the bottom of the mouth. Laser is used to cutting the required nerve because it causes less pain and bleeding. Moreover, parents are not allowed to stay in the room during the procedure. At the same time, you can relax by thinking that the laser treatment procedure will not last more than 5-10 minutes. You will be asked to come in after the surgery is completed. It is usual for your kid to feel a bit lazy as he was given anesthesia before the surgery. Therefore, medical experts always recommend parents hold their babies and grab them an excellent toy to distract them. It will help babies stay calm and get busy playing with the toy and forget about the surgery.

The lingual frenulum may lose due to lip laser treatment, while in other cases, tongue-tie persists and does not create any problem for the baby. If your children have different issues than breastfeeding, including speaking, it can be solved by consulting a dentist and offering your children speech therapy.