There is a wide range of tyres available. We often get confused while opting for the perfect tyre for our vehicles. Choosing the right tyre is one of the most important tasks since your vehicle’s performance is entirely dependent upon the type of Michelin Tyres Loughborough you are using.

If you want to know about different types of tyres and the importance of a good tyre for your vehicle then this article is a must-read for you.

Types of tyres

Winter tyres: These tyres are best for cold icy, snowy, and wet surfaces. They help in providing the perfect grip to your vehicle on hilly areas. A large number of grooves and sipes are present in these tyres, making them suitable for providing grip and traction.

These tyres are best suited in cold environments so if you live in hilly regions then this tyre is best for your vehicle.

Summer tyres: These tyres are best suited for a warm environment. They are made with soft materials that can work well in warmer temperatures. However, they do not work well in lower temperatures; but they can provide the best grip in wet conditions. 

All-season tyres: All-season tyres can provide perfect grip and traction in both cold and warm temperatures. They are designed using the technologies of both summer and winter tyres. 

Since these tyres are a combination of both summer and winter tyres they can almost be used in any condition. Therefore, they are cost-effective and economical as they save the cost of purchasing different tyres according to different conditions.

Tyre patterns: These tyres are available in different patterns according to your requirements. These patterns are composed of different channels, sipes, blocks, and grooves. Different patterns are used according to different driving requirements.

The different categories of tyre patterns are:

  • Asymmetric tyres 

These tyre patterns have alternate tread patterns. They provide a wonderful gripping performance.  

  • Directional tyres

These tyres have a V-shaped block pattern. They have the best stability for directions and are noise-resistant.

  • Symmetrical tyres

These tyres are not suitable for wet and cold environments. They have the best gripping capabilities.

  • Budget tyres

As the name suggests budget tyres are the best, cost-effective, performance-oriented tyres. However, these tyres do not tend to live for long as these tyres are not made with good quality materials, therefore, they fail to resist any types of tyres wear and tear damage. 

  • Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres have thick sidewalls. These tyres tend to work well even in adverse conditions such as; loss of air pressure or puncture. It is advisable to the drivers that if they use run-flat tyres, they must pay attention to the pressure and condition of the tyres frequently to maintain their safety. Vehicles that are run over these tyres do not need any type of repairing tools kit.

  • Energy-saving tyres

These tyres are the finest amongst all available categories of tyres. These tyres are not only good driving performance providers but also are economical and environment friendly. 

They are designed with very low rolling resistance. These tyres also lead to the reduction of fuel consumption by the vehicle and hence saves both time, money and are good for the environment as they emit very little Carbon-dioxide.

Benefits of choosing the right tyre for your vehicles

There are several benefits associated with the selection of the best tyre for your vehicle.

  • A good tyre will reduce the wear and tear pressure on your vehicle. 
  • The right tyre never fails in providing travelling comforts to the passengers.
  • A good tyre selection will resist wear and tear and also enhance the performance of the vehicles by reducing fuel consumption.
  • It not only provides comfort but also enhances the safety of the passengers.
  • The selection of the right tyre will provide the best gripping and traction to the vehicles while driving.

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