Your front door makes or breaks the first impression of your home, as it is the first thing you see when you visit your home. It is a reflection of your tastes and the life you live. Being an element that most people don’t change very often, choosing the right color for your front door is an important decision.

When choosing a front door color, keep in mind that different colors make different statements and evoke various emotions. Choose one that aligns with your views and your design style.

White front doors

You can never go wrong with white. White is not always considered a color because it is technically a base.
This means that it is the base for all other colors; all other colors are created from white. This also means that white goes with everything; any color looks good next to it. A white entry door allows for more creativity in choosing accents. Things like gold doorknobs or colorful rugs stand out and draw more attention. For a subtle difference, off-whites are the perfect solution, as they are still similar but easier on the eyes. Colors like our sandy white allow for all the same benefits, although not as vibrant.

Black Front Doors

Black has all the same benefits as white. It is considered neutral and does not clash with any other color.
Being dark, black allows bright colors to stand out immensely. On the other hand, being so dark can hide your details and give a sense of privacy. Some black front doors use a black shade, they are not as dark as a pure black front door. A good example is the color of our Charcoal entrance door. This allows the same privacy without losing as much detail and design elements. Its potential is through the roof and is quickly gaining appeal in the new housing construction market.

Neutral Front Doors

Neutral colors are often considered shades of yellow or orange, alternatively known as ‘beige’ or ‘nude’.

Front door_Neutral

Similar to white and black tones, they are a good match for any other color in most cases, but are seen as more of a background rather than a focal point. Because of this, the feeling they evoke can be rotated in the direction of the accent color when paired together. Colors like our sandalwood and sandstone have an orange and gray hue that make their decorative potential endless.
Red front doors
Red is seen as an attractive and fun color. It draws the eye in your direction and is a clear focal point.

Front Door_Red

Whether vibrant like our Brick Red or not as loud as our Classic Burgundy, reds are sure to draw a crowd and make your entryway stand out among the neighbors.
Consider other elements of your front door when selecting a paint color, such as sidelites and trim. The color will have an aesthetic effect on the color of the trim or detailing on the sides. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your goal is to stand out, then go bold by throwing out the rule book and opting for an unconventional look.

Regardless of your goal, we have a color that is sure to make your home stand out, blend in, and say whatever you want. Let our experts here at Superhouse Windows help your home stand out.