Calcification and cleaning removes debris that has accumulated on the Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore. This can include food particles, soft plaque (bacterial growth) or hard tartar (caused by the constant build-up of minerals in plaque and saliva, sometimes called calculus).
Your dentist or hygienist will clean and polish your teeth using a rotary brush and polishing paste. This will help treat and prevent gum disease.
You will tailored advice on how to maintain oral hygiene between visits, as this is important for maintaining healthy gums.

Crack sealing

Sealants protect your teeth from decay. Any Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore with deep grooves or crevices can , but the most common treatments are for molars and premolars.
The sealant is a liquid solution that onto the occlusal surface of the cleaned tooth and hardens into a durable plastic. It forms a physical barrier that prevents food and other bacteria from collecting in the crevices of the tooth and causing decay. Cleft fillings are commonly recommended for children because they reduce the risk of permanent tooth decay.

Dental fillings

Tooth decay that has caused a cavity (opening) with dental fillings. The dentist uses a drill and other tools to remove the cavity. The cavity, dried and sealed with filling material.
There are different materials for filling the cavity. You will on the most suitable material based on the size, shape and location of the filling required. A common choice is a tooth-colored filling material, which can restore the aesthetic appearance of the tooth and its shape and function.

Dental treatment to restore damaged teeth

Your dentist may suggest different treatments to restore damaged teeth. These treatments help to restore the appearance, shape and function of the teeth. They include
– Bonding – chips, gaps, discolored or oddly shaped teeth can with bonding. Tooth-colored resin filling to give a damaged tooth a more regular appearance. This resin may need to over time as it wears down or becomes discolored.


A veneer is a thin layer of resin or porcelain that is permanently bonded to the front of the tooth. Sometimes the tooth has to be slightly abraded to leave room for the veneer.

Crowns or on lays

These are caps that or glued permanently to the tooth. Crowns cover the entire tooth and can from porcelain alone, porcelain and metal alone or metal alone, depending on the area and aesthetic or functional needs. Inlays only partially cover the tooth and can when complete coverage of the Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore is not absolutely necessary.

Dental treatment with root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure in which the damaged or inflamed bone marrow of a tooth with a filling. The “pulp” (often called the nerve of the tooth) is a delicate tissue that provides oxygen, nutrients and sensation to the tooth. It in the hollow central part of the tooth (pulp chamber) along with blood vessels and nerves.

Extensive trauma or decay can irreversibly damage the cellulose and it can become inflamed.

In root canal therapy, the damaged pulp from the tooth. The dentist cleans and shapes the root canals using a drill and small files. The inside of the tooth dried and filled with a filling material that extends to the end of the root.
An artificial chewing surface in the tooth with a filling material (tooth-colored or silver) or a crown. This also protects the tooth from fractures that may occur after root canal treatment. Root canal treatment may need to out in several stages over a few appointments.

Dental treatment – tooth extraction (extraction)

Modern dentistry and oral hygiene practices aim to preserve natural teeth. However, much damaged or badly decayed teeth may need to (extracted). Your dentist may also recommend the removal of wisdom teeth that are causing problems.
Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of dental problems if they have impacted (a wisdom tooth grows in crooked and collides with an adjacent tooth or gum).
You can have a local anesthetic before the Dental Implants Service in Lahore (only the local area . Anesthesia or general anesthesia may also depending on the difficulty of the procedure.

Dental treatment – fitting of dentures

Dentures (also known as “false teeth”) are artificial teeth that replace some or all of your natural teeth and can if you wish. An “immediate” denture can when you still have some teeth left. However, changes to the jawbone during the healing process can cause the denture to gradually loosen. After a few months