Ludo Game App

Ludo is one of the popular traditional games which has been played in the Asian subcontinent since times immemorial. When ludo started, it was played within a family, friends’ groups physically. It implies that we had to involve ourselves physically to play the ludo on the board, slate, and carpet. But now the paradigm has completely shifted towards digital platforms. That requires a smartphone, computer and a good internet connection. Now we download the ludo game app & software via the play store for playing ludo.

History of Ludo Game

The first trace of ludo is found in Ellora Caves, Maharashtra. It depicts the ludo that has been played since 3000 years ago. Most historians recognize that India is the founder of Ludo. The Indian name of ludo is Chaucer or Chopard. Ludo has passed from India to the African Continent Where it is called Ludo. 

What is New in Online Ludo Games?

  • You can compete with worldwide multiplayer. 
  • Ludo game is playable in multiple format versions like Android, Windows, and IOS.
  • It can play in online or offline mode from any corner of the world.

Resources To Need Ludo Game App Development

There are some important resources that are mandatory for the investors to develop the ludo game.

  • Hire Ludo Game Developer.
  • Requisite fund or investment.
  • Market awareness about online gaming.

Before investing in the online ludo game business, entrepreneurs should understand some important parameters. 

Factors Affecting Ludo Game Software Development

All investors and entrepreneurs focus on these factors before sailing in the Ludo game business.

1. Platforms

All stakeholders must consider the necessity of the ludo gaming platforms. These platforms are designed in a user-friendly manner by the Ludo game development company that should be compatible with multiple devices like Windows, Android, and IOS. The reason behind this, the more users they sustain on these platforms the more profit they earn.

  • Design

The ludo game interface should be catchy and attractive in a visual manner. So that audience experiences the real feeling while playing the ludo. 

Application Size

The ludo game app development size varies according to its features. Thus, the ludo game companies must remember that the application has multiple features without overloading its size.

  • Testing 

Stakeholders must care about the testing performance of the ludo game before launching it. That is why they should check the game in various standards. 

Cost of the Ludo Game Development

The cost of the game development varies on diverse aspects such as

  • Application or platform design.
  • Application or platform features.
  • Developers fee or charge.

The typical cost of ludo game development is on average INR 5 Lakh. Adding more features to the ludo game will add to the cost. 

Benefits To Start Your Ludo Game App Business

According to the report of the Global Board Game Organizations, the market size of the ludo game is increasing at the rate of 29.75% per year from 2019 to 2023. It implies that the boost in the earning from ludo games per year basis is $5.17 billion. That is why lots of investors and entrepreneurs are attracted to the ludo game development company. 

The reasons for starting a ludo game app development business in 2021-22 are beneficial.

  • The Rise in Fixed Percentage Model

 The administrator fixed a certain percentage of the investment over every ludo game which is playing among the players. To fulfil these companies hire ludo game developers to make an admin portal. After the players put money into purchasing coins and then start to play among them. One who wins the game, at last, takes all the coins. He can convert all the coins into monetary form after the game is over. But he has to pay some fixed percentage of money to the administrator. That percentage is the revenue of the administrator. The administrator has the privilege to alter the percentage of the investment on the advice of the players.

Boost In Digital Advertisement

As we know, 10 to 20 million people are playing the ludo game daily. It means that they are connecting through the game. It is the opportunity for the administrator to put digital advertisements in the middle of the game. The administrator can advertise its products or products of another company. It charges some amount of money to advertise other companies’ products on its gaming platform. 

As per the report of Technavia, the ludo gaming company earned $50 million from the digital advertisements of other companies products.

Building Community

One of the most important features of the ludo game is a referral program. Through this, lots of users of the ludo game can refer the game to their friends, colleagues, peers, and any others. It implies that the game is the means of connecting people. The game connects not only people of one nation but also people of the world. That consequence is building community across the world. 

By this, the company increases its earnings from the number of downloads of the ludo game application which increase due to referrals of the users. 

Mode of Entertainment

After the pandemic, we know that TV has been obsolete. No one wants to watch their favourite program on TV. People are bending towards the over the top or streaming platforms. Apart from that, people have switched to gaming platforms during the lockdown period for their entertainment. According to the expert’s report, India has seen soaring revenue from the gaming industries which is now standing at $930 million in 2021.

From the above data, you understand how much market size of the gaming industry in the mode of entertainment. That is why doing business in Ludo game development is safe for stakeholders in 2021. 

Cheap Investment and High Revenue Model

Let us have a glance at the investment in the ludo game app development.

  •  The Ludo game application with basic features costs $5000.
  •   Ludo game application with advanced features costing $10000.
  •  Ludo game application with extra advanced features costing $15000.

You can see how much cheap investment in the ludo game application is but earning millions of dollars. Thus we can say that the ludo game business is a high earning revenue model from an investors’ perspective. 

Engagement of The Traffic

On a daily basis increment of the users in the gaming platforms especially in Ludo games. Those users are playing the game who are engaging users. So if the administrator inserts its product advertisement on the ludo gaming platforms this will be seen by millions of engaged users. Thus, the company does not need to invest funds in engaging the audience.

Engagement of the traffic causes the lead generation of the potential audience. That boosts the revenue of the company. That is why the ludo game business is good for entrepreneurs.

  • Increasing in Sales of Products

As we know that the gaming industry is becoming one of the most usable channels for entertainment. Several people enjoy playing the ludo game in their leisure time to reduce their work stress. A big part of the users are from the professional world. It means that professionals are also playing the ludo game during their lunch break. 

Owing to the bonding of professionals with the ludo game that may be the reason for converting into the game company’s users by purchasing the updated version of the game application. That assists in increasing the game company gains through the ludo game application.

The above points show the reasons for investing in the ludo game app business is beneficial for any stakeholders and investors in 2021-22.


We conclude from the above information, investment in the Ludo game application business is very fruitful for the Ludo game software development companies. But on the condition they always care about the users’ customisable aspects in the ludo game like free of cost availability, providing top-notch features and rewarding the users after winning the game.