Cheap Tyres

Maintaining a car can be costly. There are several moving components in a vehicle, and those parts are a bit complex. Then there are all those operating costs and accessories. It’s understandable why many drivers and car owners look to save money wherever they can. Cheap Tyres Birmingham is one component that is sometimes compromised.

There’s a difference between saving money and receiving value for money. Value for money refers to getting a quality product at the best price, and it requires effort to find a quality product when you have so many options available in the market. Saving money by buying low-quality parts or cutting corners can be hazardous, especially while purchasing budget car tyres. You might save some money upfront, but buying low-quality tyres for your vehicle can prove to be expensive in the long run.  

Listed Below are Seven Reasons Why you Should Not Buy Cheap Tyres:-

They’re Unsafe –

Quality tyres have to pass rigorous safety standards to exist in the market. The manufacturer’s of quality tyres constantly invest a lot of time and money in the research and development of new safety features to improve their products. However, it’s not the same with budget tyres. When you purchase cheap tyres for your vehicles, you put yourself and your passengers at risk. 

Not Resellable –

Though vehicle maintenance is costly, good vehicles and quality products can be of high value in the long term. If you invest in quality car tyres and then for some reason decide on reselling them – you are sure to get recent money from them. If you buy tyres from a no-name brand that’s of low quality, it’ll be difficult for you to find a buyer for them. 

Faster Wear –

Beyond the severe safety issues, budget tyres are not great value for money. While all car tyres wear eventually, quality tyres will last through many seasons – if only you take proper care of the tyres. However, cheap car tyres can start to show wear and tear after just one season. 

Further Vehicle Damage –

Tyres play an essential role in your vehicle’s performance. If your tyres are damaged, deflated or worn, it can add to the cost of your daily operations. In such a case, there is an increased chance of damage to other vehicle components due to the constant pressure and toll of braking and accelerating on poor-quality tyres.    

No Accountability –

If something goes wrong with a product, you can hold the seller accountable under the law. But you can often track the budget tyres to the manufacturers and suppliers. It means when something goes wrong with your cheap tyres, you’ll have to struggle to make your complaint heard or determine a solution to the problem. 

Bad Appearance –

Cheap quality tyres will look good when you buy them. But, after some use, they’ll begin to fade to grey, blue or any other colour that was not in the brochure. 

Rewards Poor Production –

If we don’t celebrate the progress and innovation in the car industry, there would be no Mustangs, Ferraris, or Porsches. Of course, all the car accessories and components in the market are not game-changer, but rewarding bad quality can lead to potential road accidents. 


Since cheap tyres incorporate low-quality rubber material and fewer features to become an affordable option, they can be suitable for people who don’t drive their car often. Or, if you want tyres for your second car, you can opt for cheap tyres as investing a lot of money on quality tyres may not be worth it in such situations. 

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