Roll Form Self Adhesive Labels
roll form labels/stickers

Roll form labels and all their features:

The roll form labels are the ideal finish to place your own and identifying design. They are used on any product or place in your store, complementing other advertising media.

They are the most useful for use in closing envelopes, folded brochures, bags or wrappers.

Use them with an original, peculiar and striking design to capture the attention of your potential customers. These are super cheap roll stickers. Do you want to know more about these stickers?

Keep reading, here I show you what they are, the characteristics of roll stickers and where you can use them. Give your brand an original and special touch!

What are stickers?

The stickers on coil or coils are used to label a variety of products. You can use to announce new, offers and promotions or new, even to offer an original packaging.

The printing of roll stickers is, without a doubt, the best option if you need to quickly and conveniently paste your own stickers on any type of packages, products and packaging.

In addition, these stickers have the peculiarity of achieving an ideal and fast adherence to the surface. Where they are used, minimizing the application time to the maximum, in a way that speeds up the work.

As a special plus, these stickers have an economical price for a large number of stickers.

These roll-on adhesive labels are perfect for use in large quantities.

self-adhesive labels and stickers

What is the best material for printing?

It’s simple! The most suitable and recommended material for these roll stickers is polypropylene. Thanks to its great durability due to its plastic material characteristics.

This material is perfect to be resistant to water and friction.  There is no need to laminate it. It also has an excellent print quality.

It has a finish that gives it a sensation of shine, thus achieving vivid and striking colors.

To manufacture the roll form stickers, an innovative and modern technology is used. called the “Single Pass” with water-based inks. Which offer a wider range of colors, greater durability over time and a much longer useful life.

Although this type of material is the most recommended, there are also other materials for printing roll stickers.

For example, transparent stickers, ideal on transparent surfaces, such as bottle glasses or windows, give a special and unique touch.

You also have the possibility of requesting the silver polypropylene material for your roll stickers. Achieving a metallic touch in the adhesives. A type of format widely used to use them on surfaces such as aluminum or steel.

In short, these roll stickers are what you need to capture the attention of your customers. It makes your products or items stand out in a striking and original way.

In addition, you have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. All of this being able to buy cheap and durable roll stickers over time. What are you waiting to try them?

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