If you are a private hire taxi driver, then you will need Private hire and mini-cab insurance.

The surprising thing is that, if you are comparatively a new taxi driver, is just how much this sort of insurance policy can cost you.

Private hire taxi insurance is not cheap

Even when you are trying to get a big deal, because taxis are more often than not more on the roads than cars, and it might also drive more miles, that is the reason they are more fit to be affected in an accident.

That is the reason, it is essential that you analyze private hire taxi insurance quotes from a deep area of taxi insurers-in that point you will be certain you are taking an insurance policy that engages your requirements at a price that does not consume a large dent in your purse.

Mini-cab insurance policy

Taxi insurance is a legal need if you are driving a mini-cab. It is specially made to protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle, in case you are involved in an accident. There is a fact that if you are driving more, then the chance of accident will also increase. Mini-cab insurance is not much related to standard car insurance.

The reason behind choosing the mini-cab insurance

If you are driving your vehicle for financial gain and taking travelers for transport, then mini-cab insurance will be good for you. Not many insurance policies companies will offer you this type of coverage because there are many legal expenses. So, you need to find experts insurance companies for you.

Chauffeur Insurance

Types of insurance

Basically, taxi insurance cover is of two types, private hire, and public hire. But if you are a mini-cab driver, then private hire is for you.

Private hire taxi insurance

Private hire taxi insurance is specially made for minibus or minicabs which are permitted to take travelers for hire and reward.

Below the state of the license, they cannot be addressed in the streets and hence must be pre-ordered or picked from an assigned taxi rank. Taking the exact private hire taxi insurance policy for your private hire taxi is important whether you are working in a larger city or somewhere else.

When you are looking for taxi insurance online it is vital to know precisely what you are looking for. There are many types of protection that you can get with private hire taxi insurance.

The idea that private hire taxi insurance is so crucial is that not only are you required by regulation to have it, but it is not possible to work without it. Not only do taxi drivers have to worry about other road users and the danger that they pose but also risks that come from travelers too. An excellent private hire taxi insurance will give blanket all the uncertainties that a taxi driver will face.

Requirements to get mini-cab insurance

  • The driver must have to be a citizen of the UK in the last 5 years.
  • The driver must have a valid taxi driving license.
  • The age of the driver must be 25 or more
  • The driver must have a taxi badge for the previous 1 year.

Some other types of coverage in mini-cab

Public liability cover will protect you and your business versus legal actions which will be presented by third parties. This type of coverage will secure you from legal and financial expenses or any kind of accident. But some mini-cab insurance policies include this coverage.

Legal expenses

If you are facing a liability claim, this type of coverage will help in paying your legal expenses.

Breakdown insurance

It will also provide you coverage in the event your vehicle breaks down while it is on the road.

How to save money on mini-cab insurance

There are some tips by which you can save your money on mini-cab insurance.

You should pay annually instead of monthly because it will help you in the long run.

Always compare online with multiple sites to find which insurance companies offer the best policy.

You have to make sure that your taxi is safe all the time. You should always check for the insurers who provide low premiums. If you already have security features in place, then you should always park your vehicle in a safe place. 

You can always find mini-cab insurance at a good price. But just make sure that, before signing any insurance policy, you should always read the policy well.