Today we are here with another exclusive shocking tale that would reveal the dark side of the Indian fashion world.

Last week we got a call from an anonymous source, who has been a victim – a man in his early 30’s (who is gay) presently living in New Delhi but hails from Kanpur. The victim is from an affluent business family.

The victim who is a young aspiring model narrated his horrifying ordeal to us. He has exposed a fraud who preys on innocent victims wanting to be a part of the fashion industry. This sexual predator’s name is Pranay Baidya.

Pranay Baidya a mediocre fashion designer from Kolkata and currently living in New Delhi is a complete wannabe social climber, a freeloading conman who targets rich single gay men. He traps them in uncertain and unpleasant situations, sexually abuses and exploits them and ultimately blackmails them for money and gifts.

This entire ordeal which began at a webinar organised by a well-established fashion designer in New Delhi, was the first time the victim was introduced to Pranay Baidya. During the introduction, Baidya got to know about the victim, his background, financial standing and the victim’s sexual preferences. This was the moment when this sexual predator decided to make his moves on the victim.

Baidya chatted up the victim after a few drinks and exchanged contact details. They kept in regular touch and exchanged flirtatious messages. Baidya sent the victim flowers and other causal gifts and eventually asked him out on a date. Afterwards they travelled to Kolkata where their relationship grew emotionally and sexually. Pranay Baidya would often record their sexual encounters and assured the victim that this was for his personal viewing only. Slowly this conman started to extort money from the victim citing reasons which seemed genuine. He would often give reasons like he needed the money for his rent, business expenses and other similar reasons.

The victim genuinely fell in love with baidya and often funded his lifestyle and expenses. This continued for several months till the victim realised that all of this was a lie and he was being played for his kindness

When the victim confronted baidya about the lies and deceit, that is when this masked sexual predator revealed his true identity and threatened the victim that he would release their private sexual encounters to his friends, family and online.

Fearing for his and his families reputation the victim succumbed to Baidya’s blackmail and was abused sexually and exploited financially by this sexual predator. Baidya has extorted close to 50 Lakhs from this victim. The victim further went on to tell us baidya dates multiple single rich gay men to sustain his lifestyle.

After hearing this ordeal we are certain that there are other victims who have been exploited by this fraudster. When one hears of such stories about the indian fashion industry it sends shivers down one’s spine. This exploitation by predators like Pranay Baidya needs to stop.