How to make notes of newspaper for UPSC (1)

Union Public Service Commission, commonly known as UPSC, is one of the highest level exams in India. This examination selects Indian Government Group A officers. Today, in this article we will see ‘How to Make Notes of Newspaper for UPSC.’

Being a front-line officer for Indian Administration, individuals must be well aware of one’s country and the world’s current affairs. On a positive note, aspirants can easily access current affairs by reading a daily newspaper. Being an aspirant of UPSC, one does not leave a stone unturned in polishing and being up-to-date in the current affairs section. 

So, easing the exam preparation journey, preparing notes directly from the newspaper stands as one of the effective & efficient approaches.

The two most commonly accepted ways to prepare notes are-

  1. Self-curated notes
  2. Digital notes

No doubt, note making is an art. A relevant note can give an edge to aspirants in remembering all the important events and help them during revision time. In-experienced aspirants, who are not well versed with the exam pattern, must put more effort into learning to design their notes. Two of the standard newspapers which one can rely on are, The Hindu and The Indian Express. Additionally, you can join a good  IAS Coaching institute for expert guidance.   

Yes, preparing notes can be a bit challenging initially, but it will undoubtedly help individuals gain in-depth information regarding the respective topic. One should try to design notes in a concise and precise manner. Whereas the structure of notes can vary from person to person, a few key points such as country-related news (such as Government related bills/ amendments, economy, defense, Government schemes, etc.) should be included in preparing notes.

Importance of Notes

Aspirants preparing notes which include well-depth information supported by data/statistical references, facts, benefits, and reasoning would increase the chances of selection and improve power communication. Additionally, preparing notes in a linking fashion that relates one aspect to another helps one remember facts. You can also prepare a UPSC study timetable. This will help you in the long run. 

In this digital age, aspirants get the flexibility to prepare notes on a physical copy and digitalize their content. However, both have pros and cons. While making a physical copy, a dedicated copy categorized under a month, subjects, and topics have to be prepared. But the fascinating aspect of the digital copy is that the modification can be dynamically changed and referred to in multiple devices. Notes, in this case, have add-on benefits of attaching relevant website links too. Before preparing notes, one must figure out which medium fits best one’s learning style.

The third and easiest option is to refer to readymade notes from the academic institute. This method is straightforward as it provides readymade access to the newspaper’s relevant points. But, the other aspect is that one doesn’t get a touch of in-depth access to the current affairs point. While the reader, in this case, has to refer to the news clipping to understand the topic better and make links to other related aspects.

Tips on How to Make Notes of Newspaper for UPSC 

1. Exam Pattern

Understand the exam pattern well before starting the preparation. New students might not know the exam pattern in the starting, but this is one of the most important things for every student. Start observing the previous year’s question papers.

2. Prime Subject Focus 

Subjects such as Economic, Government schemes, Social issues, International News, Local News, Environmental affairs, Constitutional amendments, and related topics be focused on.

3. Note Style

Always keep in mind some topics while preparing notes like- Topic of the subject, Relevant facts, Implications, Associated topic, Key personalities involved, Benefits/ outcomes (if applicable).

4. Topic Update

Students should prepare only relevant topics for exam preparation. You should have an idea of important current affairs.

5. Newspaper Section

As the newspaper has a lot of sections, UPSC aspirants should focus on the relevant section, like, Editorials. It is very important section containing various topics, data, and analyses. However, one should understand the subject with an unbiased approach. As an inclination towards writers aspect will not present the complete viewpoint.

6. Dynamic Approach

While preparing notes, it is better to carry a dynamic approach to build the power of relating different aspects. For example, any current prevailing situation sprouts up other concepts, so linking and relating to all will help aspirants to remember things better.

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7. Reference

Please always refer to standard books or the books which toppers usually follow. Also, read the notes of some good coaching institutes.

8. Multi-Channel Approach

As a front-runner, one should have an agile approach to learning. Referring to various standard study material and yet concise all the essential aspects.

Overall, the central aspect is one should focus while preparing for an exam, be persistent and manage time well. Practicing the basics, working over the foundation would be a gateway for success.