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Hand Pallet Trucks in Pakistan can be a more commonly used tool in UK storage facilities and industrial locations. They can be the source of numerous accidents and injuries at the workplace when the operator does not receive any direction.

Pallet trucks are easy to operate and require some basic knowledge. However, accidents can occur due to other factors that contribute to accidents – a lack of awareness of safety standards is one of the major causes. To ensure safe pallet truck use in the workplace, follow these easy tips, Hand Pallet Trucks in Pakistan:

Please verify the truck to ensure it is in good working order.

Be sure to examine the pallet truck before using it, look for signs of wear and tear, and ensure that the hydraulics that lifts or lower forks are in good working order. It’s often an excellent idea to have another eye to look over the truck if you missed something.

Be sure to follow the load limit.

Most pallet trucks have an upper limit on their load (and should be visible on the sides) to give reasons. The capacity of this maximum, which ranges between 2500kg, shouldn’t be viewed lightly. If you overloaded the pallet truck, it could tip over and slide over, damaging the equipment around it – and possibly injuring a colleague. How can you avoid this? Utilize a weighing scale or beams to ensure trucks aren’t overloading.

Avoid ramps

Pallet truck operators generally do not move massive loads up or down slopes as this helps keep the trucks (and their load) perfectly balanced throughout the day. If you cannot avoid a ramp within your workplace, keep the bag on top of the operator as they go upwards to ensure the load is evenly balanced. Keep the forks approximately 4 to 6 inches off the ground, so they do not get caught moving on or out of the ramp.

Make sure you have your brakes.

Modern pallet trucks have brakes that allow for the safety of stopping. However, others need to be controlled manually. If that’s the case, be sure you have ample stopping distance while slowing down, and pick a place to stop far from pedestrians. Pallet trucks can move when they are holding loads; therefore, you should consider that slowing down can take some time and a certain distance!

Pull not push

The most common misconception is that pallet trucks must be pulled. It’s ideal for pushing loads over an even surface for more maneuverability for the trucker. Additionally, it allows the driver to be aware of dangers ahead, like pedestrians. Moving behind the load may become exhausting and tiring. The operator cannot look beyond the bag to look for hazards that could be present, such as objects on the ground or obstacles that the forks might hit, Oil Filtration Solution in Pakistan.

Securely store your items.

Once you’ve removed the truck, be sure that the forks have been lowered and not pointed toward the side, causing a hazard. Be sure to keep it in the area that is designated for storage. If this isn’t feasible, ensure that your pallet truck sits as close to the wall as possible and that the forks do not point towards corridors or walkways.

Once you’ve learned how to operate a pallet truck safely, you can look through our wide selection of pallet trucks, sack trucks, and other lifting tools to locate the right product for your needs. Read more