It’s no secret that hair loss can be devastating, both emotionally and physically. Although it can be difficult to face, there are many ways to overcome hair loss and even reverse the effects of hair loss with proper care and treatment. One of the most effective treatments, when combined with natural remedies, is the hair transplant in Dubai! This guide will provide you with information regarding the procedure, which will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Step 1: Research

Like any important decision, you need to be informed about all your options. So do your research! The first step is to consult with Alborj Hair Clinic to see which type of hair transplant is best for you. Dr. Ahmed will help you decide which procedures are best suited for your lifestyle and budget, as well as explain what happens during each stage of treatment from start to finish.

Step 2: Selecting a hair transplant clinic

There are several reputable clinics that offer hair transplant procedures. Our clinic, Alborj Hair Clinic, is one of them. However, even at such highly-respected facilities there can be varying levels of expertise among staff members and surgical techniques used. To ensure you get results you’re happy with, take advantage of consultation services offered by different clinics and let specialists walk you through your options so you can choose which path is best for you.

Step 3: Selecting your transplant surgeon

When choosing a hair transplant surgeon, you have to pick one who is board certified and can prove his or her qualifications. Also make sure that they are willing to spend time with you, are willing to give you their undivided attention as well as care about your case as if it were their own. The last thing you want is an impersonal doctor who treats you like just another number. There are plenty of doctors around Dubai, but only Alborj Hair Clinic has a proven track record in hair transplantation procedures with great success rates and award-winning doctors, like Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas.

Step 4: Assessing costs

Before you commit to getting hair restoration surgery, it’s essential to evaluate your budget. This is for two reasons: First, there are costs associated with actually getting an artificial hair implant and second, how much does Dubai hair transplant cost can be very different depending on what type of procedure you choose (i.e., FUT or FUE) and if you want additional procedures (i.e., face or body). Additionally, if you choose to go outside of Dubai to get your procedure done it will also affect your total costs by changing things like airfare and hotel costs. So before making any decisions about which doctor to use or where your destination should be remember that cost is key factor in achieving good results.

Step 5: Making an informed decision

The UAE is quickly becoming an international hub for hair transplant procedures. In fact, if you want to find top-notch doctors and a great value, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are excellent options. But how do you know where to get your transplant done? That’s why Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas offers free consultations to all prospective patients from abroad. During these consultations, Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas will go over details about your case and provide you with all of the relevant information necessary for making an informed decision about where you’ll be getting your surgery done (if not at Dimitrios & Murphy). If you choose to have your procedure done with us, we offer some of most competitive pricing around without sacrificing quality – something no other practice in Dubai can promise.