For every vehicle repair firm, skilled car mechanics are a valuable asset. They have the power to make or destroy the reputation of your business. Recruiting the appropriate individuals is crucial since a qualified auto mechanic may enhance client retention and improve your brand’s reputation.

Finding the ideal individual might be difficult, especially given the lack of auto technicians, but it’s a process you should do right. In this post, we go through five things you should think about before choosing a technician.

1. Understand The Qualities of a Good Car Mechanic

An ideal applicant would be familiar with cars, but being a competent tech requires more than that. When hiring new car technicians, keep the following in mind:

  • Skills: Technical competence needed to manage autos arriving at your store must be understood by technicians. It’s more crucial than ever in the modern day as the usage of electric cars increases. Additionally, the popularity of new systems like advanced driver assistance features (ADAS) have increased, creating a demand for technicians who are familiar with this technology.
  • Problem-solving skills: In the car repair business, things occasionally don’t go as planned, and you can’t always be present to make sure everything runs well. So, you need to hire some car mechanics who can communicate with your clients to solve their problems. They must be polite in nature.
  • Pay close attention: If a car’s minor flaw is not fixed, it might turn into a major issue. The top technicians would recognize these issues right away and advise the client of the necessary fixes. The average repair order size can be increased by using techniques like digital vehicle inspections (DVI), which allow car mechanics to visually show consumers what is wrong with their automobiles. In a sector that lacks consumer trust generally, this can also assist.

2. Provide A Thorough Work Description and Fair Pay

To guarantee that only the technicians qualified for the position are applying, your job description should provide sufficient details about the task. Indicate in the application whether a body repair tech is what you’re seeking. Lowering the number of candidates will help you save time.

What Should Be in Your Job Description?

  • Position title and duties: This includes a thorough understanding of the credentials of a technician. The needs of a tire shop and those of diagnostic shops or companies dealing with electric cars are significantly different. So, you need to choose technicians based on their specialization.
  • Job location: The travel time for technicians might affect their decision to work at your store. It’s also crucial to be specific about the nature of the work and the needed commute.
  • Workload per day or per week: It’s critical to note how many vehicles a technician will service every day. The last place a technician would want to work is in a shop where business is slow because some technicians would even want to work extended hours to earn more money.
  • Pay and benefits: As inflation rises, the need for money has grown among all employed people. Avoid selecting high values for your store since if you can’t afford to pay your tech that much, it will reflect poorly on you. Similarly, don’t offer prices that are lower than those of competing businesses in your region since you won’t be able to attract qualified candidates with low salary packages.
  • Working hours: The majority of individuals prefer a healthy work-life balance. Highlight the hours that technicians must work throughout a typical day at your facility. Being truthful with the applicant about everything mentioned above is a smart idea since doing so will help you get top-tier auto mechanic prospects to your shop and meet their expectations.
  • Better service: Since technicians may need to handle unclean materials, you should make sure they can do it without causing any damage. When you provide hands-on training, technicians will gain practical experience in a controlled environment, ensuring that they are prepared to assume more responsibility.
  • Long-term supervision requirements decrease: The sooner your technicians assume responsibility for the work, the less monitoring you’ll need to provide. You may start giving them more responsibility as soon as you’ve shown them how to handle a task.

Getting a hold of someone who possesses all of these qualities is not an easy task. Even if you hire a licensed technician, it could be difficult to train him on the job unless he has a positive attitude toward learning.