Planning a hiking/trekking trip can be very exciting but requires thorough planning and attention to detail. It is very important that you plan such a trip in the northern regions of Pakistan, due to its remote location, related infrastructure and support system there, it is not developed compared to many other parts of the world. To ensure all essentials are packed and all logistical aspects covered. Here we are going to share some of the most vital elements of your hiking/trekking trip to the northern regions of Pakistan.

Plan your trip well
The simplest way to do this is to book your flight through one of the many tour operators operating across Pakistan. They all have an online presence now and can be contacted via their websites or social media. With this option one just needs to ensure the reliability of the operator which can be verified through customer reviews. However, if you are planning on doing it all yourself, you should definitely contact experienced hikers through online forums or a website like Lonely Planet where you can benefit from the experience of fellow travelers.

Get the right clothes for the weather
Pack weather-appropriate clothing and terrain-appropriate shoes. The weather in the mountains can be quite unpredictable and it also experiences extremes i.e. days tend to be very hot on clear days and very cold nights. Therefore, for a hiking trip in the northern regions of Pakistan, you must have appropriate clothing to adapt to the weather conditions. Some essentials include waterproof jackets, windbreakers, gloves, a warm hat, and trekking shoes.

Keep a first aid kit
A first aid kit will be very important as in case of any accident or someone gets sick, professional medical help can be days away. Hence some basic first aid items with various medicines on hand while out in the wild.

Only carry important things
This point cannot be stressed enough. On such trips, one must ensure that they do not pack their necessities. What you pack is what you carry on your shoulders. So you have to be very wise that you have everything you need and nothing beyond. So you don’t end up overburdening yourself with extra baggage or throwing things away during the flight.

Backpacks, tents and suitable sleeping bags
The trip to the northern regions of Pakistan will definitely include long road trips and jeep rides as your main baggage may be inaccessible for some time and for this purpose your essentials should be packed in a small day bag that you can have access to during the trip. The same daypack will also come in handy while taking day trips from your base camp. You also need to get a larger backpack with proper back support. All of your clothes, accessories, and snacks will be packed into this, and you’ll be trekking with it for hours every day, so you need to make sure it’s comfortable. Just as important are tents, sleeping bags and mattresses. It should be light weight, adequate insulation and easy to use. After all the exhaustion during the day, these are the tents and sleeping bags you rely on to recharge for the next day And if you visit sindh side area than find best hotels in karachi.

Recommended accessories
Some highly recommended accessories include a trekking pole, flashlight/headlight, compass, insulated water bottle, Swiss knife, UV protected shades, sunscreen, and if it’s a relatively long trip in a remote area, a satellite phone Equipped with a solar powered charger is a must. Absolute basic communication like emergencies.