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The moment your move gets conformed is the time you’ll start wondering if it would be fine to move your furniture or not to move your furniture.

There are a lot of things that you have to consider when you are in a dilemma for moving your furniture.

There are advantages and disadvantages of packing and moving your furniture pieces with you when you are relocating. And as you already know about the things, you are the only one who knows what would be the right decision to make while moving your furniture.

Most of the time, moving furniture long distance is not advised because it is an expensive affair, taking them out of the house, you will have to load the on to the moving vehicle and then transport them all the way from your old place to the new ones.

Reasons why less stuff makes your move easier:

  1. It saves you a lot of money

It is as simple as anything – the lesser items you have to be moved the lesser you would have to bay for the shipment. The quoted price will a lot lesser. On the day of the move when the movers weigh the overall shipment after loading your items on to the moving vehicle the weight of your items will be much lesser than the minimum weight and you will also have to pay much lesser.

  1. It saves you a lot of time

It is true that you save a lot of money when you declutter and sell, donate, or recycle. You save a lot of time that you would have spent on packing these items for the move. Also you save the money that you could have spent on the packing material for packing those items.

  1. It saves a lot of storage space

There are a lot of things in the house that we keep unnecessarily just because we purchased it at some point of time to make our life easier or to add some joy to our routine. A time comes when we no longer use these items but you still keep them with you. They acquire the storage space in your house that could be used to keep something useful.

  1. It reduces stress

When you move with fewer items then obviously you will be less stressed. Both ways, if you are executing the move on your own or hiring movers when you have lesser items to move it will directly reduce your stress. You will have to pack lesser items, you will have loader lesser items and similarly you will have to unload lesser items and you will have to unpack lesser items.

How to know which items are right to get rid of:

• Step 1. You can begin with one room at a time, but make sure you start with the rooms that have most of the items in it.

• Step 2. Make sure you begin with the bigger items that are difficult to be packed and lifted, for instance, electrical appliances, the furniture pieces and then you can consider the smaller ones like books, toys, kitchen items etc.

• Step 3. You can categorize all your items so that you don’t face any difficulty when it comes to selecting the one. You can categorize these in a way like, valuables, unwanted/unneeded items, and useless items.

• Step 4. Identify the items that are necessary to be taken. While selecting the items that you own, mark down the belongings that you will take with you for sure. These items might include: flat-screen TV that you have purchased recently will come with you as will the set of expensive soft furniture that you have purchased for your living room. Also, the collection of the books that you might have done for a long period of time. The items that you might have gathered for some time and you don’t want to get rid of. The items with which you are sentimentally attached.

• Step 5. There must be some or the items that might be close to your heart like a gift from someone special, a piece of art or craft. These are generally the belongings you would not be easily able to part with unless you come to the result that it would be better to sell them that to keep then along in order to save some money and the storage space in the house– it can be anything like oversized furniture pieces, electronic appliances. Jewelry pieces, specialty items like a piano, anything that you would like to get.

• Step 6. Mark all the items that are neither close to your heart nor something that you would like to use. This way you will not get confused about the items that you want to sell and the items you would like to get rid of.

Consider giving some of your items to family and friends

There must be things that you don’t want to use but are in good conditions for example it can be any expensive book that you might have purchased but now you don’t want to use it as you have already read it twice of even ones. You can ask any of your family members of friends who would like to read it.


It is one of the best options and a win-win situation for both the sides. You can contact the charitable trusts or the people who are in need. Just give those belongings to them who are less fortunate than you.

Consider the options of selling these items online

Now there are many ways and many websites where you can sell second hand items online.

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Have a happy and safe move!