The brilliance that exudes from a diamond when we see them at a jewellery store is the result of precise cuts and design. In its raw form, diamond does not look anything like the glamourous and radiant stone you see at the store. It has to be polished and cut in certain shapes so that its refraction is the maximum resulting in the glimmer. The design of the jewellery you choose depends intricately on the cut of the diamond. The overall beauty of the jewellery get defined by the brilliance and shape of the diamond.

Finding the perfect diamond jewellery for a woman is easy enough when you understand these shapes and cuts. But it gets tricky for men. All diamond cuts do not suit men or get preferred by them. Thus, the choice get limited. As on 2022, we have listed a few cuts trendy among men which you must check out before getting a lab grown diamond UK for a guy.


The emerald cut has been around from 1500s. it is a bold and classic choice and suitable for both men and women. Particularly men are partial to the emerald cut because it appears very gender-neutral. Also, the emerald cut flaunts the true quality of the gem because it has minimal cuts and most polished. Hence, it is like a status symbol for the wearer. These diamonds feature a step-cut where parallel lines run along the length of the stone. As a result, a very unique, “hall of mirrors” effect is achieved in the emerald cut. This cut usually have 57-59 facets. The best part is, this cut makes the stone appear bigger than it actually is.


This cut has been around for almost for 200 years. The shape is square with rounded corners. The design is named cushion because it is shaped like a pillow. The shape has resurged these days once more, courtesy to Instagram. They shape is versatile and easily blends in every outfit and style. The cushion shape is particularly popular among men because it very sophisticated and sober. The style looks good as a ring and even as pendants and bracelets. If you are planning to gift a three stone engagement ring to a guy, cushion is a great cut to choose. The middle stone can be of cushion cut flanked by round stones which is a unique design that works great for men.


Round is the classic shape that is suitable for both men and women. It is suitable for men’s rings, coat buttons and various male accessories and jewelleries you can think of. Moreover, round is also the most available cut of diamond. It is easily available and you can even find lab grown variants for this cut. Thus, it is an affordable choice for all those who are on budget. Most men’s engagement rings are available with round diamond cut.

Trending cuts of diamonds for men is tricky to find since the variety of cuts are limited. But when you figure out the best designs and cut, finding the perfect jewellery for your loved guy is going to be easy.