Food delivery app like Swiggy created a huge impact on the food delivery business.
It helps users take advantage of services that make their lifestyle easier. Gone are the days when people queued for hours to order food. But with a food delivery app like Swiggy, the process is much easier and simpler.

We developed a feature-rich Swiggy clone that helps your business expand exponentially and helps you stay in the food delivery industry for longer.

Services in Swiggy Cloning App

Swiggy clone script is developed that allows users to receive instant notifications regarding the latest deals, discounts, holiday deals, and updates Swiggy Clone.

Control page
Swiggy On Demand Cloning App allows users and drivers to create, view, edit their profiles and maintain all information directly from the app.

Ordering is easier
The cloning app makes it easy for users to easily order from the listed items. They can choose preferences according to their convenience.

Smart search bar
Food delivery app like Swiggy allows users to search restaurant varieties based on filters as the search app is developed with advanced filters including location, pickup location, delivery area, keywords, etc.

Features that attract users to use a Swiggy cloning app

Multiple payment options
The cloning app allows users to select any of the payment options as per their convenience.

Live order tracking
The development of the Swiggy cloning application allows users and drivers to track the order with the help of GPS continuously.

Contactless delivery
Considering the current pandemic problem, the Swiggy clone offers security for users by providing contactless delivery.


With the Swiggy cloning app, companies are making huge profits in the food delivery business sector with its outstanding features and extensive customization.