Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes

pharmaceutical packaging boxes

The integrity of a custom pharmaceutical packaging box in the pharmaceutical industry is evaluated almost as rigorously as preparations.

Importance of box:

The box as an element has a share of responsibility in the preservation. For commercial sector which parameters and integrity of the product become an ideal packaging?

Requirements for custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes:

According to the standards of the Federal Drug Administration, it is essential that a package meets certain requirements and ensure the integrity of the drug.

Safety of box:

These include a series of conditions that promote the safety of the contents of the box and not least, it should make it easier for the user to open and close the package.

Cardboard boxes:

Regarding materials, cardboard has been the central axis in the pharmaceutical industry for decades and certain technical advances have introduced alternatives to other components and no one can replace it.

Safe solution:

Cardboard medicine boxes are safe and economical efficient storage solution. They are an ideal package. They can store a large number of units.

Safeguarding methods:

We noticed that custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes industries use two safeguarding methods. A primary and a secondary packaging system.

Primary packaging:

Primary packaging protects all the medicines in a group or a unit. That ensure a useful life of the content. We refer to jars, bottles, blisters, envelopes, blisters, among others.

Secondary packaging:

Secondary packaging usually protects these boxes. It gives them a second layer of protection. they give them different shapes and sizes.

– Safeguard:

 Pharmaceutical companies seek to guarantee complete protection of the medicine after packaging. Card stock is the ideal answer. It is resistant to external influences.

Importance of card stock:

These are moisture and adulteration, or mechanical damage. These ensure the quality. Effectiveness of pharmaceutical products at a low cost.

– Free of contamination:

In pharmaceuticals contamination is very important factor.

A case supplier must take into account the vital function of medicines and how environmental conditions can affect their preservation.

The cardboard boxes do not allow the exposure or permeability of the products. They are very resistant.

– Presentation and information: 

An excellent box for medicines contains essential information about the pill, capsule, injection or whatever it contains. 

This includes the name of the drug, prescription dosage, expiration date, and the number of items stored. The answer of any important question is available on the medicine boxes. 

Quality card stock boxes:

Quality card stock boxes offer easy recognition and identification of the components packaged within the box. This allows the user not to depend on opening the box to know the quantitative or qualitative characteristics of the product.

It provides a system of tabs that make it easy for a person to access the content.

– Lightweight:

 If we reduce the weight of the packaging it is beneficial and economical to the environment. It reduces the use of raw materials.

Hiring of company:

Always hire a reputable company that offers multiple benefits to the user in packaging with high-quality services at affordable prices.


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