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The United States is one of the most important automotive packaging markets in the world. In 2018 alone, the country exported $63.2 billion worth of heavy, medium and light vehicles and an additional $85.6 billion in auto parts.

What does this mean for us? Whether automotive suppliers ship internationally or domestically, there is an increasing need for custom packaging for auto parts to ensure they reach their final destination completely intact and without damage.

A packaging engineer and packaging service provider are critical in the development and execution of custom packaging to ensure that parts reach their destination according to specifications and in excellent condition.

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What is custom packaging for the automotive industry?

Automotive parts typically have unique and irregular shapes that require specially designed or customized boxes. When we talk about custom automotive packaging for the automotive industry, special crates or boxes are designed with specifications in mind, typically military specifications. They can be made of corrugated cardboard, plastic, foam insulation, molded pulp, void fill and much more.

Custom packaging for the automotive industry comes in two main types. Consumable packaging includes disposable packaging that is thrown away after use. Reusable packaging includes packaging that is intended for reuse, such as custom plastic and metal containers. Packaging is important to ensure the successful shipment of auto parts around the world. Below are the benefits of custom automotive parts packaging.

Advantages of customized automotive packaging

1. Protection and preservation:

Auto parts should reach their destination completely intact; otherwise, damage can significantly affect production and negatively impact profit margins. Therefore, the packaging design must provide adequate durability and protect the auto parts from weather, air freight turmoil and the effects of transportation through rough terrain.

2. Reduce waste

When you use tight-fitting packaging for a specific item, such as a radiator, you minimize waste because the container requires less material to hold and protect the product. In addition, customization includes designing internal dividers and padding to ensure proper packaging of the contents and provide more protection. You also get a packaging design of your choice. Reducing waste in your business is a step towards reducing environmental impact.

3. increased shipment loads

Custom automotive parts packaging allows dealers to ship more products using the same truck or other shipping methods because the containers are as small as possible. Because of the tight fit, the dimensional weight is almost equal to the actual weight of the package. This significantly reduces shipping costs and improves supply chain efficiency.

4. Increased brand value

On average, consistent branding increases sales by 23%, and one way to achieve this is through custom packaging. Customers are likely to develop an attachment to your brand if you present it in a consistent manner, which increases the likelihood that they will buy from your company.

5. Cost efficiency

Most of the benefits of custom packaging for the automotive industry lead to cost efficiency and save material, shipping and logistics costs. The packaging solutions require less packaging material and protect the contents, ensuring safe transportation and an optimal design that saves money and reduces costs.

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