Choosing the right invoicing and billing software plays. A big role in how quickly you get paid.Billing software for small businesses. Skip writing checks and stamping envelopes and instead let customers pay bills with a few links. When you simplify the payment process, you’ll achieve better cash flow.

Today’s small business billing software also makes invoicing easier,

which helps reduce delays. Wait… Are small businesses avoiding invoicing? Tell me they don’t!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five great invoicing software options. All offer some sort of free version and all will help you streamline invoicing. Track who owes what, and speed up payroll. Read the full article or use the links below to go directly to each product billing software for small businesses.

.PayPal billing and settlement software.

If you use PayPal in your business. You already have the ability to send invoices – it’s part of your PayPal account. It costs you nothing to send an invoice. But if your customer pays via PayPal, you’ll have to pay a fee.

PayPal makes it easy to send invoices and customize them with your company logo.

The invoicing feature offers fairly basic options, but that’s all many businesses really need. You can customize invoices, add your logo to them, and save them as templates for reuse. If you have clients you invoice regularly. You can copy the last invoice you sent and quickly create a new one.

PayPal provides a list of your invoices and allows. You to quickly view outstanding invoices and send payment orders with one click. Invoices are sent via email and each invoice includes. A clickable link that customers can use to pay even if they don’t have a PayPal account. If customers pay outside of PayPal. Such as by check or direct bank transfer, you can easily mark their invoices as paid. Whether your customers are individuals. Small businesses or companies based in another country, PayPal gives you an easy way to get paid without hassle.

Invoicing and billing software.

Invoice, a cloud-based invoicing and billing service. Offers a free version that allows one person to send unlimited invoices to up to 25 customers. Premium versions (subscription-based) support multiple users sending. Unlimited invoices to even more customers, as well as additional features billing software for small businesses.

Invoice integrates with multiple payment gateways, allowing you to easily collect payments online.

 If you need to send invoices via USPS, you can purchase “snail mail” credits, otherwise they are sent via email. You can configure Invoice to integrate with a variety of payment gateways, including Stripe,, and PayPal Express Checkout. So your customers can use these services to automatically pay invoices if they want.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows,

The Invoice mobile apps allow you to create and track invoices from almost any device, at any time. And while Invoice is part of a larger suite of apps. That includes a wide range of financial tools for small businesses. (such as accounting software, order management, and expense reporting). You can also use it as a standalone invoicing software if that’s enough for you.

Invoicing and billing software: Invoicely

Invoicely’s online invoicing and billing software also includes accounting tools, making it a versatile program for many small businesses. The free version has a few limitations:

  • One person can send an unlimited number of invoices in any currency to multiple businesses.
  • Online payments are only accepted via PayPal
  • You can customise invoices with your company details and logo. But invoices created in the free version have the “Powered by Invoicely” label. You can only remove it if you upgrade the service.

Invoicely includes a range of reports and tools for invoicing.

Premium subscriptions (from $9.99 per month) offer additional features, including more comprehensive business branding. The ability to accept online payments via other payment gateways such as Stripe and WePay, and multi-user access. Premium versions also allow you to create and submit estimates. Which can be easily converted into invoices later once the work is done. If you need a user-friendly and free invoicing software, Invoicely offers a flexible solution with a wide range of features.

Invoicing and billing software.

Hiveage invoicing software offers a comprehensive free model that allows. You to send an unlimited number of invoices to an unlimited number of customers. Add custom branding to invoices and accept payments via PayPal. Premium subscriptions start at $19 per month and add additional features. Such as multiple users, recurring profiles, automatic invoicing and online storage. You can also create a custom plan that includes the features you need.
Hiveage is integrated with Freshbooks and Harvest. So you can import data from these apps. And you can export your Hiveage data as a CSV file at any time. Hiveage is well designed and easy to use, and you can create your first invoice in minutes. The first time you use the application. It displays dummy data so you can see how it will all look over time.
Great features include prompts that tell. you the ideal logo size and format. So you don’t have to do a lot of guesswork. Invoices can be sent directly from the program. And you can download them as PDF files to email or print and send yourself.

Hiveage is integrated with a number of payment gateways:

PayPal andInvoicing and billing software.

If you only have a small number of invoices to send and you don’t need to integrate a payment solution. You can choose the do-it-yourself route and create your own invoices. Applications such. As Word Excel and even Google Drive offer invoice templates (via the individual applications) that you can download and customize.
If you only send invoices occasionally, try downloading an invoice template from Excel or Word.
You can also find templates that act as an invoice tracking register. This makes it easy to record which invoices you’ve sent and when you’ve sent them. So you can keep track of when they’re due. You can save invoices as PDF files and email them to your customer.

Do-it-yourself solutions don’t have the same bells. Best Invoicing Software for Small Business and whistles as online apps, but they can make sense in certain situations. If you only send invoices occasionally. Or if your invoice requires a strict format. It may be the easiest and least complicated way to get the job done and get back to work.