On March 7, 2021, two women were jogging in a gated community in Thurston, Washington, when one of them became separated and was attacked by a man. The man grabbed her and threw her to the ground, but she fought off the suspect, got back to her feet and began to flee. The unknown man then chased her, but she managed to escape.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and assaults on joggers are not limited to women either. On March 17, four men in Medford, Massachusetts, attacked a male jogger as he walked past them. The men stabbed the jogger for no apparent reason. Police described this as a random act of violence. Random or not, attacks on joggers are quickly becoming a national pastime. Thousands of joggers are attacked each year, and many more are harassed by idiots who have nothing else to do. Wholesale Mens Joggers UK

Regrettably, the old precautions of jogging only in daylight and never jogging alone no longer have any meaning in today’s violent society. Joggers are assaulted at night and during the day when they run unaccompanied or with a partner. In Central Park in New York City, joggers were assaulted, robbed, and raped in broad daylight while hundreds of people were walking through the park. The super aggressive violent criminals of our time have a “catch me if you can” attitude.

So how can joggers be protected and regain the level of safety that so many honest citizens have lost? Obviously not from the various local state and federal law enforcement agencies. Let’s face it, the odds of being struck by lightning are greater than having a police officer arrive on the scene while you are being attacked. I don’t mean to discredit hard working police officers, but there just aren’t enough to be at every crime scene.

The answer is that joggers should arm themselves in case they are attacked. Self-defense gun manufacturers have developed new, non-lethal defensive weapons that are ideal for joggers. Two of the best for joggers are the Double Trouble Stun Gun and the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun. The Double Trouble Stun Gun is only 6 inches long and weighs 6.9 ounces and is a favorite for joggers. Many carry it in their hand because it looks like a small hand weight. Many male joggers prefer the Knuckle Blaster, which fits around the knuckles and can be worn like a hand weight. In any case, joggers can now have some level of protection when running on these dangerous American streets. Wholesale Clothing Supplier in UK