A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video could be worth thousands of sales. Amazon is an ecommerce giant having more than 2 million sellers. However, the sellers with the highest product category are facing intense competition. There was a time when specific brands enjoyed double profits, but now things have changed. Over time, Amazon has evolved and brought new challenges for the sellers to bring more customers. However, Amazon also introduced new techniques for the sellers to attract more customers, including video. We are not talking about Amazon prime Videos but Amazon video Listing.

What is Amazon Prime Video? 

It is an on-demand movies services where users can watch movies and TV Shows. Coming back to the listing through Amazon video services, amazon introduced product listing through videos. It means a seller can showcase his product with the help of videos to attract new customers and build a strong relationship.

Why should a seller use videos in the listing?

Written content is valuable from the buyer’s and seller’s point of view. It helps the seller to explain the product and the buyer to understand the uses of an item. However, video marketing has a crucial role in product advertising and boosting up sales. A high-resolution video that highlights the features and benefits of the product always wins more customers. The videos explain the product in a better way. Many experts have claimed that a video of an item helps the buyer get quick information on whether the product is helpful for them. It makes them feel that their requirements are fulfilled, asking them to stay on your page for a little longer. Videos are a great way to make customers focus on your item without any distractions. It is an effective way to show the value and uses of a product. Additionally, video product listing helps the buyer have a clear understanding of your brand and its items.

Who can use videos in the Amazon Listing? 

Unlike Amazon prime video, all sellers cannot use Amazon video service to list their product on the seller page. Currently, Amazon has divided it into two groups.

Sellers who are registered in the Amazon brand registry and have their brand. Vendors who are manufacturing the brand products. Although listing through video is available for the sellers who own the brand, not all sellers have access to video listing. It is available to only a limited community of Amazon sellers.

Cost of Adding Video to Amazon listing 

If you are a registered seller in the Amazon brand registry program, you will not have to spend a single penny for a video product listing. However, the vendors have to pay extra for using the video services. It is called a premium module, and vendors have to spend almost $1500 for a detailed page that includes the ASIN variation family.

How to add a video to a product listing? 

Below is the straightforward process of adding a video to an amazon listing.

  • Visit your seller central 
  • Hit the inventory option
  • Click on upload and manage videos
  • Click the upload video button
  • Enter ASIN and Title related to your product video
  • Choose a relevant thumbnail
  • Click submit button to send video to Amazon for approval

Amazon might take seven days to review your video or longer than that as soon as your video gets approval, which will change your status to live. The video will appear on your product detailed page within two days. You can use video services either by using your in-house photographer/designer or hiring an outside expert for the purpose. What option you want depends on your budget and expertise as an in-house photographer vs. the outside expert. If you are doing it yourself, you have to be very careful during the process as it is about the integrity of your brand. Therefore, you should ensure that the video contains the highest resolution quality.