Instagram Widget for Website

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the best marketing tools for businesses. However, having a business account and sharing content daily on the platform has not worked for anyone. 

Brands are now taking different approaches to get viral on the platform. If you are a brand struggling to have a way with the platform, we have something in store for you. 

This blog has everything from creating Reels to opting to embed Instagram feed on website. So follow along, and read the blog till the end. 

7 Ways To Increase The Reach Of Your Instagram 

Dominating a platform like Instagram can be tough at first. However, with the right roadmap, it is easily achievable. Please have a look at the list to know more about it. 

#1 Set Your Goals For Instagram 

You must know your goals no matter what platform you are working on. When you priortize your goals, the road ahead becomes clear. Let’s say, for example, you wnat to create engagement for your Instagram account; you can launch a giveaway or a contest on your page. You can also talk to your followers in the comments section. Such gestures will help you bond with your followers and customers. 

#2 Create Reels 

Let’s face it, Instagram reels are addictive. And this is why Reels are currently the most popular form of content. The 9:16 form of video content helps you reach the potential audience. You have to choose trendy music that resonates with your content, and you are done. Apart from that, you can also use transitions to make your reels interesting. We also recommend you add a hook in your videos so that the potential audience stops at your video. 

#3 Embed Instagram Feed On Website   

Have you ever toyed with the thought of making your Instagram accessible to your website visitors? If yes, then you should embed an Instagram feed on the website. 

But how would embedding help in increasing my Instagram’s reach?

Once you embed Instagram feed on website, it helps you make it available to a larger audience. Using any social media aggregator tool, you can embed an Instagram feed on the website. Apart from an Instagram feed, you can also embed Instagram hashtag feeds on a website with the help of this Instagram Widget. This will helps you showcase your past successful hashtag campaigns. 

#4 Find The Right Time To Post 

Besides creating high-quality content, you must know the correct timing for posting your content on Instagram. Choosing the correct timing refers to the timeline when most of your followers are active on the platform. It helps you to fetch maximum engagement on the posts. 

Instagram Insights is a fantastic tool for an Instagram Business Profile since it allows you to determine when your followers are most active by the day of the week and the hour. You can look at Instagram analytics to figure out the correct timing.  

#5 Optimize Your Hashtags 

Hashtags are quite important on Intagram. Using the perfect ones gives your Instagram profile the exposure it needs and demands. We recommend using recently used, well-liked hashtags relevant to your brand and audience. In this approach, users who might be interested in following your account will see your postings.

Instagram enables up to 30 hashtags per sharing, but posts with 11 or more hashtags get the most engagement. Consider what terms and keywords your target market could use to search on social media when creating your hashtags. Examining your audience’s posts to see which hashtags they employ is useful for learning more about them, lastly, for the greatest impact.

#6 Go Live On The Platform 

Instagram loves it when you use its features. One of the great features of Instagram is Instagram live. You can keep this direct route open and establish an authentic connection with your community by using Instagram Live. You get to hear questions and comments from your audience in real time. It is useful for creating deep bonds with clients and your brand.

#7 Tell Stories Through Instagram Stories 

Use Instagram Stories to create stories to establish genuine connections with your target audience and create engagement on your Instagram page. In reality, Instagram created the Instagram Story feature to assist companies in quickly showcasing their unique selling points to their followers through short photographs and videos.

You can also add a human touch to your IG stories and share content with your team members. 

To Bring Things To A Close 

Instagram is a fantastic place to be involved as a brand owner. You can get the traction you want with its help. As a brand owner, it is important to look approachable and friendly. And You can easily achieve this by embedding an Instagram feed on the website. We have mentioned the best tactics you can use to create a buzz on the platform about your brand. We hope you start now and achieve your desired goals.